iPad Mini Release Approaching as Developer Discovers Tablet in App Analytics?

The iPad Mini release could be quickly approaching as a developer recently discovered a new Apple tablet in his app analytics that could be the rumored device.

This tablet, listed as iPad3,6, supports the custom A6 system-on-a-chip found in the iPhone 5.

This means that this iPad is running the A6 chip or a variation of the component.

This iPad 3,6 could represent either a variation of the current iPad 3 or the new iPad Mini. It could also be a codename for Apple's next generation iPad set to launch in 2013, as the tablet is expected to run some type of variation of the A6 chip.

MacRumors reports that the iPad 3,6 name probably does not represent the iPad Mini, as the smaller tablet is supposed to be a variation of the iPad 2, not the third-generation model.

Other developers have already discovered a device in their logs listed as iPad 2,5 and another as iPad 2,6 that they believe could be the codenames for the iPad Mini. The same source who discovered the iPad 3,6 reported these other codenames as well.

The iPad Mini's specifications are expected to be closer to the iPad 2's as it will use the A5 chip and not have a Retina display.

Reports of the iPad Mini entering into production have now been confirmed by new reports.

The Wall Street Journal stated in a report last week that Asian component suppliers have started mass production of a new tablet computer that is smaller than the current iPad. The publication also claimed to have received this information from a source on the inside.

The report also states that LG and AU optronics are making the 1024 x 768 7.85-inch display and started production on the component last month.