iPad Mini to Feature iPhone 5's Smaller Dock Connector

The iPad Mini will feature the smaller dock connector that is currently rumored for the next-generation iPhone.

In a recent picture leaked by Nowhereelse.fr, a new flex cable component is shown that reportedly belongs to the iPad Mini, and it also features the smaller dock connector rumored of the iPhone 5.

It also has the headphone jack, and home button connector and the layout for the component is similar to one that is said to be for the next-generation iPhone that surfaced on the internet back in May.

iFixit's Kyle Wiens weighed in on the photo, stating that it is consistent with being an Apple component, but that he cannot officially confirm that it is authentic. However, it does bear a close resemblance to the part claimed for the new iPhone and also carries a part number in the style of Apple's other iOS device flex cable components.

The only problem with the component in the picture is that the headphone jack has been moved right next to the dock connector. There has been evidence for Apple planning to implement this into the next-generation iPhone. However, the iPad Mini is expected to have the headphone jack at the top edge of the device, just like it is on the original iPad.

Apple's iPad Mini is expected to debut around the same time as the next-generation iPhone, which is supposed to be unveiled next month.

The device will feature a 7-inch touch display and be priced somewhere around $199 in order to compete with other small tablets including the Amazon Kindle Fire Successor and the Google Nexus 7 tablet.

The rumored unveiling date for the iPhone is Sept. 12, and it will ship on Sept. 21.