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iPad Pro Release Date in October? 12.9-Inch or 13.3-Inch Models to Enter Production

iPad Pro Release Date in October? 12.9-Inch or 13.3-Inch Models to Enter Production

iPad ProYouTube/ImageThe bigger and professional iPad Pro

Apple's iPad line has been a phenomenal success since the year of its release and the Cupertino company has been releasing variants of its tablet like the iPad Air or the iPad Mini. There are rumors, however, about a bigger iPad in production aptly named the iPad Pro.

The bigger and more professional-oriented iPad is rumored to come out sometime later this year, most probably in November because that's when the iPad Air was first released last year.

Right now the web is awash with release date rumors as there are some who speculate the iPad Pro will be released this October while some say that the release will be on 2015, with production beginning early next year.

There are also rumors that Apple will be releasing two versions of the professional tablet, a 2k resolution screen version and a 4k resolution screen version. There are also sources that say the iPad Pro will only come in one variant, with a UHD resolution.

As for the screen size, the rumors have also made it difficult to pinpoint how big the screen size will be. There are already sources indicating that Apple is expecting a manufacturer, Quanta Computer, to have either a 12.9-inch or 13.3-inch model ready for production.

The design of the iPad Pro will not likely to stray away from the design of its smaller brothers but it will be obviously heavier than the iPad.

The professional tablet will still be featuring Apple's signature aluminim backings as well as the slim profile but it is still uncertain how Apple will achieve the iPad Air's thinness on the bigger iPad Pro.


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