iPad Sales Exceed 20 Million During Q4 2013

Apple might have broken records this past holiday quarter as iPad sales reportedly exceeded 20 million.

The company is scheduled to announce is quarterly earnings on Monday, Jan. 27 and analysts are weighing in on iPad and iPhone sales and estimate that the tablet sold anywhere from 21 million to 28 million units.

The iPad sales were surveyed by Elmer-Dewitt with 45 different analysts including 28 professionals and 17 amateurs.

"The average estimate among all the analysts is 25 million iPads, up 10% from the same quarter last year," wrote the company.

Other statistics taken during the holiday season mirror what these analysts are reporting. The iPad accounted for 18 percent of Target's Black Friday sales and was a top seller at Walmart. The App store also saw an expanded interest in iPad products with revenue increasing by 56 percent and total number of downloads growing by 53 percent.

iPad sales for next year could be even more impressive as the company is expected to release a 12.9-inch model.

Apple is reportedly speeding up the development and production of this tablet after Samsung debuted is new Galaxy TabPRO line earlier this month that features the high end 12.2-inch model and Galaxy NotePRO line that features another slate at this size.

This information derived from a Digitimes report which is a publication that can be somewhat unreliable at times. Apple's moves in the past prove that the company does not release devices based on what the competition is putting out.

The iPad Mini is a great example of this as the smaller tablet wasn't released until almost two years after the low-end tablet market exploded in 2011 and 2012.

And without an adequate amount of part leaks it is tough to say that a device such as the iPad Pro has entered into production or is in the late development phases.