iPhone 4 Price Drops to 99 Cents on AT&T

The iPhone 4 price has dropped down to just 99 cents for AT&T customers with an upgrade.

The device launched back in 2010 and greatly contributed to the iPhone becoming one of the hottest smartphones on the world. Now it can be purchased at an extrmely low price.

An iOS 6 jailbreak for iPhone 4 users is now available.

The iPhone Dev-Team's Redsn0w jailbreak is now compatible with iOS 6 on several devices including the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and the fourth generation iPod Touch.

This jailbreak is tethered, which means that the procedure has to be repeated every time an Apple device needs a reboot.

This redsn0w jailbreak was first released back in June when Apple made iOS 6 available to all developers. Unfortunately it did not work on the iPhone 4S and still has not been made compatible with the handset after the official build rolled out to Apple users yesterday.

The iPhone 5 comes with iOS 6 preinstalled so many more jailbreaks are expected to surface in the coming months. Since the device has only been available for a short time, Redsn0w has the advantage, as it has one of the first working jailbreaks for the system.

Apple rolled out the iOS 6 update to the iPhone 4 last week; however, some iPhone users reported that they did not receive the notification to update their software when it became available.

This could be due to the fact that some of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch users still had not updated their devices to the last build of iOS 5, 5.1.1.

Still it seems that some iPhones received the proper notification to upgrade and others that did not were probably not running the latest software. Either way, the roll-out times vary for different Apple users. Fortunately there is a way to check for updates in the Apple device's menu.

iPhone owners can update by first going to Settings, than enter General where the Software Update option is available. These actions should bring most Apple devices up to date.