iPhone 4 Spontaneously Combusts on Australian Flight

A passenger's iPhone 4 began to emit smoke while burning on a recent flight to Australia.

A photograph of the smartphone shows the immense damage it experienced during this strange event.

The iPhone 4 related to this occurrence reportedly started "emitting a significant amount of dense smoke, accompanied by a red glow." This took place on Regional Express flight ZL319 operating from Lismore to Sydney.

A Quantas flight attendant who was aboard the flight extinguished the red glow successfully, which points to the glow being a fire.

Australian airline Regional Express issued a press release on this related incident. The report stated, "The matter has been reported to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, as well as the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for investigation and directions."

No one was harmed during the flight.

ABC News reported on the rate of Apple mobile devices exploding: "Exploding Apple products are rare, but explosions have happened in the past, mostly related to the devices’ lithium ion batteries overheating."

They also released information regarding investigations into Apple products.

"The European Union launched an investigation in 2009 after multiple instances of iPhones and iPod Touches exploding or catching fire midflight were reported in the United Kingdom, Holland, France and Sweden. Apple also recalled its first-generation of iPod nanos sold between September 2005 and December 2006 because the battery would overheat and ‘pose a safety risk,’ according to the company’s website,” said ABC News.

Another instance of a smartphone reportedly exploding happened in December 2010.

A Motorola Droid 2 owner claimed the mobile device exploded in his ear, which led to him receiving four stitches.

"I heard a pop. I didn’t feel any pain initially. I pulled the phone down. I felt something dripping. I realized that it was probably was blood. I went into the house and as I got into the bathroom and once I got to the mirror and saw it, it was only then I kinda looked at my phone and noticed the screen had appeared to burst outward,” said victim Aron Embry to Fox4 in Dallas Fort-Worth.