iPhone 4S: 5 Things You Didn’t Know Siri Could Do

Siri, the personal assistant, search engine, and voice-recognition-software application for the iPhone 4S, has a variety of uses – including some that users don’t often discover.

The first use is reminders, which already came in previous iPhones. As many users become more familiar with their iPhone 4S, they will see that reminders are taken to a whole new level with Siri. You can use the software to prompt for various things at whatever time, and it’s oddly addictive. Any thought, note, factoid, or task that needs to get done is said, saved, and brought up at the appropriate time.

The next aspect of Siri some do not utilize is the search function, or more specifically, Wolfram Alpha. Simple searches like “Modern Warfare 3,” or “Sesame Street” are easily found. However it provides more in-depth information, like finding who won the 1990 Superbowl.

Texting is a great facet of Siri that many take advantage of. To expand on that ability, users can set up a text-to-Twitter account and tweet via Siri.

If, for any reason, an iPhone 4S user needs to restart their phone, Siri can do that too. A simple voice command will restart the phone’s springboard, which is much quicker than a hard or soft reset.

One of the greatest functions of Siri is also a security risk.

Siri functions while the iPhone 4S is locked, and of course, it can read your texts and emails aloud to you if asked. The problem arises if and when someone else gets possession of the phone. Because Siri cannot tell the difference, it will read your private conversations to anyone, even if a password is enabled. Unfortunately, this can be disabled, but only if a user decides to disable Siri every time the phone is locked.

The iPhone 4S, along with its exclusive Siri software, has sold over 4 million units to date.