iPhone 4S Release Date: Big Hollywood Films Coming to iCloud?

Apple is reportedly in talks with several Hollywood studios in an effort to allow users to stream movies from their "iCloud" streaming services on Apple devices.

If the deals go through, users will be able to view all types of movie-related material on their "iPhone", "iPad", "iTouch" or "Apple TV."

The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple wants to give users the ability to take the films they've purchased from the "iTunes" store and transfer them over to the "iCloud" storage service.

Currently, Apple lets its "iTunes" customers re-download the songs and TV shows they own, but none of the Hollywood movies can be re-downloaded after being purchased.

Some reports have stated that HBO is getting in the way of Apple's negotiations with several of the big name movie studios. The "HBO Window" is the term used to describe the problem blocking Apple's progress in its future movie streaming plans. The "HBO Window" is a deal in which three of the top six film studios have distribution deals with premium network HBO. Under the terms of that deal, these movie studio outlets must halt their sales or distribution of a film once it premieres on HBO.

Hollywood movie studios have already launched something similar to Apple's planned services. The program they have is called "UltraViolet", which streams movies to Apple devices from the Flixster application. This format also allows users to stream a film they already have purchased on DVD or Blu-ray.

"UltraViolet" has already debuted this week. The two films that are available to users so far are "Green Lantern" and "Horrible Bosses."

Apple is also said to be in plans to incorporate "UltraViolet" into its iOS devices. Users would be able to access their "Ultraviolet"-stored content through Apple devices. As for the film content purchased through "iTunes", it would only be accessible on Apple's hardware.

Apple hopes to launch its new services later this year.