iPhone 4S Release Date: iOS 5 Battery Fix Flops, Causes Even More Problems

Apple has admitted today that its iOS 5.0.1, the update that was supposed to fix the iPhone 4S battery problem, has failed; at least for some users.

Apple released a statement to AllThingsD, “The recent iOS software update addressed many of the battery issues that some customers experienced on their iOS 5 devices,” said the tech giant. “We continue to investigate a few remaining issues.”

“A few remaining issues” continue to harm Apple’s stellar reputation for producing quality consumer electronics. In many cases, the iOS 5 update has exacerbated the battery issue, draining power even faster.

The major problem has plagued a variety of consumers on all carriers, including the two most popular - AT&T and Verizon. The infamous battery drain has iPhone 4S users upset as their power is drained by 10, 12, and even 15 percent per hour.

Even worse than the battery drain are the extra problems Apple’s newest software has caused. Because of iOS 5.0.1, users have reported microphone failures, Wi-Fi signal loss, and cellular network reception difficulties.

In addition to those hindering issues, a specific bug has been found by the folks at The Startup Foundry involving the iPhone 4S contacts. If a user is on the Verizon service and uses the over-the-air Delta update, their address book will be ignored every time a text is sent or a phone call made.

As far as a solution, the website doesn’t offer a full one, but there is a way to restore the system partially so the contacts will come up during an incoming call. It involves quite a few steps, one of which involves the Task Manager.

Despite the rumors of worse performance, terrible battery life, and new bugs being discovered all the time, the iPhone 4S continues to dominate the smartphone market as the single best-selling phone.