iPhone 4S Spoof Videos: Hitler and Samsung Poke Fun at Apple

This week's CP Tech Videos of the Week highlights the Apple vs. Samsung feud currently disputed in various countries all over the world although this time, Samsung pokes fun at Apple by introducing a spoof video claiming the Galaxy S2's superiority over the iPhone 4S.

The poking continues on the second video which depicts Hitler's sour reaction to the news he will get "no iPhone 5" but only an "upgraded iPhone 4S". While his subordinates suggest buying a Samsung Galaxy S2, Hitler makes no reservation in expressing his dissatisfaction.

Finally, imagine your computer on a pizza box or picking up an ordinary banana holding it up like a telephone and making a call to your relative. Research students at the University of Tokyo are visualizing this as the future of computing. Calling it 'Invoked Computing', these students believe the computer should be able to recognize everyday gestures and compute it carry out real action.

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