iPhone 4S vs. Android - Comments on the Current Debate

"Apple vs. Android products" has always been a hot debated topic with the chatter being renewed and revitalized every time Apple or Android launches a new device.

With Apple's latest smartphone, the iPhone 4S, and the several Android devices being launched regularly, quickly learn what issues are currently being scrutinized and debated by the online community or product users from both ends.

Screen Size
-Please remember that the iPhone has a small screen. Once you get a bigger screen, it's difficult to go back. Posted by amir800 (from CNet)

-Personally, I don't want a bigger screen. I use my phone for -- gasp -- a phone. When I switch in a few months, I'll likely go with the iPhone because it isn't trying to be a mini tablet. Posted by Paul_Vail_674 (from CNet)

-I went from an iPhone 3G to an Evo, the larger screen was DEFINITELY a plus. The truth is that most of us use either apps, email, or browsing the web, all of which is better with the extra screen provided on Android sets. Posted by Carvega (from CNet)

Battery Life
-My wife's iPhone 4, with iOS 5, now barely lasts a day of regular use. Either it's a software issue, or the battery life is ****, it's still an Apple-caused flaw. Doesn't make me feel so bad about my Android phone, since the stock battery lasts longer. Posted by Vampyre (from Arstechnica)

-I have to say that I have been quite happy with my 4s battery life. I typically get two days out of mine if I push it. Really seems people are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Posted by gruntboyx (from Arstechnica)

-Screen size is probably a matter of personal taste, but I do wish/hope the iPhone goes to a 4" screen, but have little deisre for it to go much larger than that. That being said, taking a slightly smaller screen isn't much of a compromise for me. Posted by SpringIsotopes (from CNet)

-I went from HD2(4.3") to iPhone and couldn't be happier. The big screen is good for the tablets, but I prefer my phone to be compact.
Posted by sevort (from CNet)

User Experience
-"Android has hundreds of custom OSs for all the different models"

-What's special about apple product is their simplicity and high quality on software and user interface. You can have better HardWare specs but what's good when the software loads slower and gets you frustrated? (from PCWorld)

-Typical PC user comparison. All hardware spec. I have tried other Android platform interface before and none of the user experience is as good as iphone. Posted by ES 3 (from PCWorld)

-Transferring file to the iPad is a mess. I like when you can drag and drop files to the phone. On the iPad, when I receive a file by mail it just can't be saved. It frustrating. Next time, getting an Android Tablet. (from CNet)

-The lack of Flash is not cool. Many sites use them and I feel limited with the iPad. I can't even watch videos on facebook! (from CNet)

-For usability, Android has a menu and 4 keys to navigate it as opposed to the single button iPhone. -Posted by Josh Groff (from PCWorld)

-Siri doesn't understand my australian accent. It sometimes works 1 out of 5 times for me.

-My android device understands dutch; that certainly is a plus! Go Android!

-SIRI is designed to understand all accents. It learns as you use it. Had a japanese friend who had problems in the beginning, but SIRI eventually learned.