iPhone 5 Cases: A List of the Top Rated and Most Unique

You already know that your new iPhone 5 won't be leaving the house without a new case, so why not get a head start on it? Here is a list of top rated or incredibly unique cases for the new Apple design.

Since the new, longer iPhone was just unveiled, finding a case is not the easiest thing to do right now. But to make life easier, here are some case makers that are already offering the newest iPhone 5 cases.

The Traditional "This is What I Expect" Case

CaseMate has been good about having iPhone 5 cases ready to before the huge surge. Prices run $30 to $40 and the cases are, for the most part, what you would expect. See HERE. Most are plastic but none come with a screen protector (see below).

The Heavy Duty

For those looking for a rugged look or something more heavy duty, Gumdrop Tech has developed a case that promises "extreme" protection. The price is set at $44.95. See HERE

The "I am an Individual Even Though I Gave in and Bought an iPhone" Case

SkinIt is on it when it comes to offering the latest version of iPhone cases. Because the covers are customizable, it's a great option for those who want to add their own flair to a case but it doesn't offer the same protection that hard cases do. See HERE

The Flip Case: Because I Broke My Screen Last Time

The new iPhone flip case could be a good option for two types of people: those who like to watch movies or clips on their phone, and those who seem to always crack the glass screen. The case offers screen protection, but with the added feature that the top flap flips over and turns into a stand. See HERE

What No Case Can Live Without: The Screen Protector

Don't forget to order a screen protector no matter what case you decide to go with. For that, most users would agree that Shield is the best option. A front cover costs $19.99, front and back runs for $29.99. While its possible to get a cover for less, Shield is definitely one of the best, as it is military grade, and includes a free lifetime replacement warranty. See HERE.

Pre-orders for iPhone 5 will begin on Sept. 14, and HERE is more information about how to be the first to get it through your wireless carrier or the Apple store. You can also catch up on the latest details or replay Wednesday's conference HERE.