iPhone 5 Cases Available Now: Where to Buy?

Despite the fact the new iPhone 5 cases have not yet been added to the Apple Store, there are still a number of places for fanatics to order one, in preparation for Friday's release.

While the Apple store seems to be lagging in the case front, a number of other stores have already begun to sell cases for the iPhone 5. The case variety ranges from the super rugged to slim and sleek, here is list of stores that have them available now.


Specializing in different series of cases, OtterBox is perhaps most well known for its "Defender" series which offers a heavy duty case meant to handle drops. The company has also improved its previous design to ensure that the camera slot allows the camera to function at its fully capacity. The cases also feature port protection and a belt clip. Starting at $34.95, see cases here.

The Grove

Although the company touts its cases for being eco-friendly, there are a number of other reasons that could make the cases ideal for some. Hand-made out of bamboo, the cases offers both unique protection and the opportunity to develop a unique design. While the price is steep at $79, orders made before September 30 will receive a $20 discount. Find cases here.

Case Mate

A typical and affordable option for many, Case Mate has a fully line of the traditional plastic encasings that are available in a large variety of prints including custom designs and sports teams. Case Mate also offers cases with a built in kick stand for movie watching, a must for some. Cases start at $30 and are available here.

Box Wave

This company is offering iPhone users an interesting option by adding a qwerty keyboard to the iPhone 5. The case starts at $89.95, available here.

Piel Frama

While a number of leather cases are available, perhaps the largest selection can be found at this company. Options include covers, wallet styles, and even custom leather designs. Prices are steep however and shipping may take a while. See cases here.

A number of cheap cases are also available of course, many of which can be most readily found on Amazon.