iPhone 5 Final Screen Design Leaked

The final screen design for the iPhone 5 has been leaked by a company known as ETrade Supply.

The design is based off of a glass lens the company obtained for the new iPhone that confirms the long-rumored 4-inch display. It also shows that the front camera has been moved to the center just above the earpiece.

It also is more resistant to scratches than the screen featured on the iPhone 4S and the home key has been changed slightly so this glass surely does not belong to the current Apple smartphone.

Displays for the new iPhone are already being shipped, according to Sharp's president, Takashi Okuda.

He announced this at a press briefing last week in Tokyo shortly before the company reported is quarterly earnings.

Okuda did not announce any specific dates for the shipment, but did state that he expects the smartphone to be released in October just ahead of the 2012 pre-Christmas shopping season.

Other reports have pointed to Apple releasing the device sometime in September, with the unveiling taking place on the 12th of the month.

Sharp seems to be heavily involved with the production of the device, as the company first announced that it would be producing displays for the new iPhone last year.

Sharp is one of three screen suppliers for the device. LG and Japan Display are also creating displays for the next-generation Apple smartphone.

In other iPhone news, iLounge, a site that is known for leaking information on Apple products, is now reporting that the new device will feature an 8-pin dock connector.

The editor of the site received this news from an inside source, who also stated that the dock connector will feature other design innovations, including it having the ability to be connected to docks and cables in either orientation. This would benefit Apple customers who already own accessories for the iPhone since they would be able to use them with the new connector.

Other rumored specifications for the iPhone 5 include, NFC (near-field-communications), a 4-inch HD Retina display, faster processor (possibly an A6 chip), and iOS 6.