iPhone 5, HTC One and Galaxy S4 All to Be Offered by T-Mobile at $99.99

T-Mobile announced that it would be offering the iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, and HTC One smartphones for a $99.99 down payment this week.

The carrier made this news official yesterday at its press event in NYC where T-Mobile announced its plans to carry the iPhone 5 and only charge $99.99 up front, allowing customers to pay off the rest of the balance on their monthly bill.

No annual service contract will be required for customers purchasing these smartphones on T-Mobile. The carrier hopes to draw customers from other major carriers in the U.S. using this strategy.

"This is an important day for people who their iPhone but can't stand the pain other carriers put them through to own one," said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile USA. "We feel their pain. I've felt the pain. So we're rewriting the rules of wireless to provide a radically simple, affordable iPhone 5 experience on an extremely powerful network."

This same deal will be offered with other high-end LTE smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. T-Mobile revealed that it will begin carrying the Galaxy S4 on May 1. The HTC One will be available later on in the Spring.

The BlackBerry Z10 will also be available on T-Mobile for $99.99 down payment.

T-Mobile launched its LTE network in seven major metropolitan areas yesterday including Baltimore; Houston; Kansas City; Las Vegas; Phoenix; San Jose; California; and Washington, D.C. The network is expected to reach 100 million people by the middle of this year and 200 million people by the end of 2013. The carrier's HSPA+ network reaches 225 million people in 229 metropolitan areas.