iPhone 5, iPhone 4S Outsell Galaxy S3 During the Fourth Quarter of 2012

The iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S both shipped more units than the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the final quarter of 2012.

New data compiled by Strategy Analytics revealed that the Galaxy S3 shipped around 15.4 million units in Q4 2012 while the iPhone 5 shipped 27.4 million and the iPhone 4S shipped 17.4 million.

This shows a drastic change from the previous quarter where the iPhone 5 shipped around 6 million units and the iPhone 4S shipped 16.2 million being beaten by the Galaxy S3 that shipped 18 million units total.

The huge growth of iPhone 5 shipments from Q3 to Q4 can be attributed to the fact that the device just came out mid-Q3 while it was available the entire duration of Q4. Holiday sales also played a role in the growth of the iPhone 5.

The data also showed the iPhone 5's global market share for Q4 2012 which is currently at 12.6 percent. The iPhone 4S market share is at 8 percent while the Galaxy S3's is now at 7.1 percent. The Galaxy S3 had the highest market share out of the three in the previous quarter at 10.4 percent. The iPhone 4S was slightly behind at 9.4 percent while the iPhone 5 was just getting its bearings at 3.5 percent.

The Galaxy S3 seemed to be beating out the iPhone in various markets for the majority of 2012; however, it seems that Apple has finally caught up with the iPhone 5. Samsung is expected to unveil its Galaxy S4 smartphone sometime in the near future and that smartphone is expected to sell at an even faster rate than its predecessor.

Apple is also rumored to be releasing two new smartphones in 2013 including the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6.