iPhone 5 Release: Customize Siri to Post to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus

The virtual personal assistant, Siri, on the iPhone 4S, can easily perform tasks like sending texts and emails as well as retrieving time, temperature and directions.

However there are a number of tasks that are not programmed standard onto the artificial intelligence system.

Siri can be programmed to enable compatibility with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

After setting up, users will be able to speak commands and post updates to those platforms.

TechLand details how Siri can be programmed to be compatible with Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

"For Facebook, text 'Hello' to 32665 in the United States (or the short code for whatever country you're in), then follow the link in the reply to finish the setup process. Add the short code to your Contacts, and name it 'Facebook." That way, you can tell Siri to 'send a text to Facebook saying ...'."

"For Twitter, text 'START' to 40404 in the United States (or the short code for other countries), then respond with your username, then your password. Add the short code to your Contacts with the name 'Twitter'."

"For Google+, visit your settings page and scroll down to 'Set delivery preferences.' Add your cell phone number, but be sure to click 'don't notify me' if you don't want incoming Google+ messages by text. Verify your number with the code you receive by phone, then add the short code '33669' (in the U.S.) to your contacts as 'Google Plus.' Updates are shared with everyone in your circles."

Once programmed, pressing Siri's microphone icon and speaking whatever command the user wants prompts the personal assistant into action.

Developers are considering Siri the most impressive feature on the iPhone 4S.