iPhone 5 Release Date: Apple Stores May Introduce Third Party 'Appcessories'

A new product line going by the name "Appcessories" is going to be introduced in a large number of Apple Stores.

These new accessories will be available for Apple tablets and smartphones. Third party development companies will produce these hardware add-ons.

The hardware accessories could turn out to be physical add-ons, such as a golf club application that helps users improve their game. An entire separate section may be devoted solely to Appcessories at all Apple Stores.

Jawbone’s Vice President Bandar Antabi spoke to T3 about these new items: "Appcessories are going to play a significant role in the future of smartphones and applications. We will begin to see more and more companies integrate applications with accessories and other devices that can complement your smartphone experience."

"There is a lot of motivation for retailers to create specific Appcessory sections within their storefronts to better promote this growing range of products,” Antabi added. "I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t start seeing Appcessory sections within some of the Apple Stores in the near future."

Jawbone is looking to release its own hardware add-on to Apple's devices.

The UP wristband is a motion sensor compatible with the iPhone 4S. It tracks users' activities, sleep and eating habits.

Rich Jaroslovsky, writer for Bloomberg News, gave an summary on the UP wristband: "In form, UP calls to mind those ubiquitous LiveStrong bracelets from the Lance Armstrong Foundation, but it’s thicker and the two ends don’t meet."

"The wristband, which costs $100, comes in seven colors and three sizes. The big-boned should beware: I found even the largest to be somewhat on the snug side. The company says an extra-large version is coming."

Hardware accessories may be the type of products to make it worldwide at Apple Stores.

Apple's rumored iPhone 5 may be compatible with these new Appcessories.

March 2012 is pegged as the official launch of Apple's iPad 3, so simultaneously launching another device might disrupt sales.

A rumored iPhone model with LTE technology is also said to be arriving in 2012 for Sprint. Some said this LTE-powered device could be an improved iPhone 4S or the new iPhone 5.