iPhone 5 Release Date: AT&T Schedules Insurance Hike for Oct. 4

AT&T has issued an insurance hike for its customers, which coincidentally begins on Oct. 4.

Starting on that date, all AT&T customers who currently are enrolled in mobile insurance for their iPhone will receive an increase on their monthly rate payment.

All MRCs for those devices in the Tier 3 category on the company’s insurance plan with go from $4.99 to $6.99.

In addition to that change, a non-refundable deductable will go into effect on Oct. 4 which will be $199 for customers with iPhones or any device that is categorized in Tier 3.

Coincidentally, the date of this insurance hike going into effect takes place on the same day as Apple plans to unveil the new iPhone.

Apple’s “Let’s talk iPhone” media event will take place on the Oct. 4 and should be the day when all the rumors surrounding the release of the next generation iPhone will be cleared up.

9to5Mac first announced this price hike back in June which led to the web site predicting the smartphone’s release date for this fall.

Other devices on lower tiers will also have to pay a deductable.

All phones on tier one will be charged a $50 deductable and tier two phones $125.

With this increase coming on the same day as the device’s unveiling, consumers could be able to get their hands on the new iPhone sooner than originally predicted.

9to5Mac states that the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S could be released as soon as Oct. 7.

Apple has not made it clear which model it will preview at the event.

According to the latest rumors, it is likely a new upgraded version of the iPhone 4 called the 4S will make its way to the showing room on that day.

Either way, AT&T is preparing for its arrival by jacking up insurance prices.