iPhone 5 Release Date Delayed by Display Issues?

The release date of the iPhone 5 could be pushed back due to issues Apple is currently experiencing with Sharp.

Sharp is experiencing delays in mass producing displays for the next-generation iPhone. The company had planned to start large scale production and shipping on its LCD panels in August, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, however, it ran into some manufacturing problems that have messed up the timetable.

Two of the company's display suppliers will have to pick up the slack in order for Apple to deliver the new iPhone next month. These companies include LG Display and Japan Display Inc. They have already begun shipping the screens to Apple.

This is terrible news for Apple product manufacturer Foxconn who recently invested in Sharp. This also is not the first time Apple has had trouble with Sharp as the company was bypassed for creating displays for the iPad as their work did not meet Apple's standards.

Apple has not commented on any information regarding the iPhone 5, but all rumors seem to point to the company finally unveiling the device on Sept. 12. Sharp's delays have a chance at a effecting that release date.

New photos of the iPhone 5 show that the next-generation model has received a height increase.

High-quality pictures of the device's front panel surfaced this week and reportedly came from a Chinese parts distributer known as SINOCET.

One of the shots show a frontal view of the assembled front panel next to the same part from an iPhone 4S. This shows how Apple has been able to minimize the overall increase in device height by shrinking the top and bottom margins to compensate for the impact of the taller screen.