iPhone 5 Release Date: iPhone 5 to be Launched in 2012

The iPhone 5 be released in 2012, according to a recent prediction made by tech analysts.

A new, super fast, state-of-the-art 4G LTE iPhone 5 is expected by analysts to be released sometime in 2012.

“Apple is saving the iPhone 5 brand to the LTE version, and the new model won’t arrive until the 4G LTE technology is ready to be used in smartphones, which won’t be out until next spring,” said Will Strauss, president of market research firm Forward Concepts to CNET.

Apple is waiting to optimize its next generation smartphone’s performance on the LTE network rather than rush it.

Android already has several smartphones working off the 4G LTE network, but Apple feels the timing is just not right to start offering the iPhone on it.

The technology is not perfected.

Most iPhone users do not live in an area where 4G LTE towers have been built yet by their carrier.

Another problem with 4G LTE is that to connect to the network, a device needs to include an antenna which is big and bulky and consumes most of the battery’s power quickly.

If this was implemented into an iPhone at this point, it would make the device a lot less attractive since it would be larger, bulky, and not last nearly as long as it does now.

By this time next year, all three carriers which currently carry the iPhone, should be closer to completing their 4G LTE nationwide networks, and with the development of a new 4G LTE chip, phones running on it will be able to maintain a normal sized frame.

The iPhone 5 was expected to be unveiled earlier this month, but instead an iPhone 4S was announced by Apple.

By the time Apple releases the device, it should be quite impressive, analysts have suggested.