iPhone 5 Release Date: New Docking Station Coming to Smartphone

Apple’s iPhone 5 rumors continue to surface with the latest story indicating the smartphone could have a new laptop dock.

Apple is working on the laptop dock similar to the one for the Motorola Atrix 4G, according to an ITProPortal report.

Docking the Motorola phone allows users to use all the features of the phone when connected to a WebTop-enabled accessory. It also charges the phone when docked. Unlike the Atrix, the iPhone 5 will not be docked in the rear of the display but rather in the touchpad.

The docking station will not come with its own operating system, as the iPhone will use the laptop as an external monitor and keyboard. It will also charge while resting in the dock.

Earlier in the week, rumors spread that the iPhone 5 might feature a bigger 4-inch touch screen and a 10-megapixel camera.

The phone will also sport aluminum backing to make the phone more durable. An aesthetic change could be coming as Apple might use "liquid metal" technology allowing the company to manufacture the phone in a wide variety of colors.

A more colorful screen, skinnier build, and a faster operating system could all be coming to the iPhone 5.

Reports said Apple and LG are currently working together on the new screen.

"Next year's iPhone to feature a 4-inch display by LG Display, half an inch larger than the 3.5-inch display and retina display resolution will remain unchanged because LCD is currently being regarded as the right solution to offer value with better cost-cuts," said the Korean Times.

Apple released the iPhone 4S last month, notching record-breaking sales.

The new iPhone 4S is aesthetically identical to its predecessor, but it is loaded with new features.

One of those new features is Siri, a voice-command system built into the phone that responds to natural-language requests. The iPhone 4S also has iCloud that allows users to transfer iTunes music to all their devices.

Recently, users of the phone have complained about the 4S's short battery life. Apple is currently trying to fix the problem with an update.