iPhone 5 Release Date Readies User for Top 3 Meme Apps

With the debut of Apple's new highly anticipated iPhone 5, users are hastily preparing for its release on Sept. 21, but those awaiting their new Apple device should be made aware of the top meme apps that are currently available in order to maximize users' fun experience.

With more than 600,000 apps currently available in Apple's App Store, it can be overwhelming to sort through those endless lists to pick out the app with the best user experience or one that will provide for endless laughs, but users can be assured that these three top meme-related iPhone apps will be sure to deliver on all fronts.


For all those people who turn any situation into an opportunity to sing, this app is all that you need to put on a memorable show. The I Am T-Pain iPhone app comes pre-packaged with some of T-Pain's most popular songs and other generic beats that allows users to use their creative license to create the next big hit. To make sure you are getting an official T-Pain auto-tuner the app has built-in Antares auto-tune, which is the same software that T-Pain uses to record his chart topping tracks.


For those individuals that enjoy a good photo-bombing moment then this app was built for you. The Crasher Squirrel app allows for a picture of a cute and cuddly squirrel to appear in the photo you just took. The app allows users to take or insert the photo-bombing squirrel into any picture and share that picture with friends. The app comes complete with both zoom and pan functions and allows users to insert the squirrel anywhere they choose.


For cat lovers, CatPaint lets you insert pictures of cats into any photo. It has 8 different options for cat brushes that are easy incorporated to a photo by simply selecting a photo to add any number of cat pictures.

For die diehard Apple followers not able to wait until the release date for these apps, customers will be able to pre-order the iPhone 5 on Sept 14 while they pick out their favortie cases.