iPhone 5 Release Date: Rumors Swirl About Phone's Possible New Features

With no scheduled release date yet nor any announcement of the features Apple plans to incorporate into the iPhone 5, many gadget lovers are left to wonder how the company's latest creation will top the iPhone 4S, which hit record sales earlier this month.

While the features may be up in the air at this point, Beatweek Magazine stated that a new body style for the phone is "almost a given."

"Counting the original iPhone 4, the Verizon iPhone 4, the white iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4S, Apple has now held four separate iPhone launches in sixteen months which all used the same outer shell," said tech writer Bill Palmer in a recent article. Fair enough, since they're all from the '4' series. But that'll end with the next iPhone (which will technically be the sixth generation iPhone but we suspect it'll be called 'iPhone 5'regardless). Whether Apple can go thinner with the next design may depend on how small it can shrink 4G LTE antennas and how much bigger of a battery it might have to cram in there to compensate for said antenna."

Some of the rumored features, according to The International Business Times, include a "SIM-less design with two to three internal antennae for CDMA and GSM compatibility, making it a World Phone," a curved glass display, a slimmer and more lightweight body with an aluminum plate casing, an A5 chip with speed in the range of 1.2 or 1.5 GHz with 1GB RAM, wireless charging and the phone will be LTE compatible.

"Of all of the 'wonderful' new features the iphone is possibly going to have, the wireless charging is the only one that interests me at all," said one commenter in a forum. "Everything else is old news if you're an android user. Apple will likely refine the experience by packaging it all pretty in itunes, but basically anything mentioned above is currently available on android handsets... except battery charging and battery life, which still blows on most android phones."