iPhone 5 Release Date: Sprint to Offer Unlimited Data, Customers Can Expect 4G LTE in 2012

Techland has reported that Sprint will likely announce that they are adding 4G LTE services next year.

According to CNET, Sprint will turn on the service next year, allowing data to stream effortlessly.

Some customers may even be able to get the service early at the end of first quarter in 2012, but it’s unclear how many markets the LTE launch could have.

Sprint is building its network and will begin testing the service next year as its Network Vision plan. It is rumored that Sprint may add the iPhone to its customers, and if this is true, the company will likely see a boost in sales.

Sprint only offers 4G WiMax in 71 cities currently, while Verizon offers 4G in almost 160 cities. AT&T offers the service in only five cities, but will expand into other markets.

Sprint was originally going to expand into 4G WiMax in a partnership with Clearwire, but selected a new 4G network brand instead.

Rumors about the network obtaining the iPhone 5 have been circulating for months, and recent reports indicate that Sprint has blacked out two weeks of employee’s schedules. This is could be in preparation for the release of the new device.

Sprintfeed.com reported a snapshot of one of the company’s internal memos that informs employees that is it “blacking out September 30 through October 15;” which furthers the rumor that the iPhone 5 will be released in early to mid-October.

Also, Sprint recently revealed that it will be the first service provider who will offer unlimited data plans for customers with the iPhone.

The Samsung Galaxy S II will still be carried by Sprint, and the company hopes it will be the iPhone’s biggest rival.

The release of the iPhone 5 may conveniently occur during Sprint’s blackout, making pre-orders for the new device possible in late September.