iPhone 5 Release Date: Sprint to Sell iPhone 4S With Unlimited Data

Sprint announced Thursday that it will begin selling the iPhone 4 alongside the iPhone 4S. The carrier will also provide the additional perk of unlimited data.

The third carrier after AT&T and Verizon to carry the iPhone, Sprint is looking to get a leg up on the competition while holding its current customers.

Beginning immediately, Sprint is allowing its customers to pre-order the iPhone 4. The first generation iPhone 4 is being sold on the website with 8GB of storage for the first time. Previous iPhone 4’s were sold with 16GB and 32GB on other carriers.

Sprint announced in a statement that the iPhone 4 will be “available while supplies last,” and they “hope to get the Smartphone in customers hand by October 14 or October 15.

The original iPhone 4 will be offered at $99.00 if ordering on the website. The Smartphone will be available in black and white.

The company will begin taking pre-orders of the iPhone 4S on Friday morning. The iPhone 4S will sell for $199.00 for 16GB of space on a two-year contract.

Sprint also announced that the carrier would be offering unlimited data plans for new customers buying an iPhone with a two-year contract. Verizon and AT&T no longer offer unlimited data plans for their Smartphone’s.

Apple introduced the iPhone 4S on Tuesday with a launch at their headquarters. The new iPhone 4S, which looks similar to the original iPhone 4, offers a faster processor and more memory.

In addition, the iPhone 3GS will be offered for free on the carriers with a two-year contract.