iPhone 5 Release Rumor Swirls With Date Touted for This Fall

As the World Developers Conference continues in California, speculation continues over a number of Apple products. On Monday the new MacBook Pro line was released, much to the excitement of Apple fans. However, there is another device that is gaining as much if not more attention; the iPhone 5.

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(Photo courtesy of 9to5Mac)The back panel for the next-generation iPhone.

Although an iPhone 5 release date has not been officially mentioned at the WWDC 2012, analysts have jumped upon a clues from the conference to estimate its release.

Apple unveiled its iOS 6 to developers on Monday. The company has not confirmed when it will be made available to the public, however, but September has been touted as the expected time for its full release. This information immediately sparked rumors about the next generation iPhone - the iPhone 5. The new smartphone is expected to launch on the new generation operating system, and so most have jumped to the conclusion that a release date will take place at around that same time.

Other features for the iPhone 5 have also been touted in light of the new details surrounding the iOS 6. The new operating system will boast new 3D imaging technology on its new Apple custom made Map app – essentially making Google maps defunct on the iPhone.

Many iPhone fans are eagerly anticipating huge advancements in Siri, although details of specifics are sketchy at this stage.

If rumors prove correct then the iPhone 5 will feature a new A6 chip, as well as 2GB Ram, and a super 8 megapixel camera. It also believed improvements will be made to the battery life of the smartphone and that HD video will be available.

The screen size may be increased to compete more on par with many high end Android smartphones currently on the market; current estimates put the iPhone at 4 inch, as opposed to the current 3.5 inch model.

As reported, the iPhone 5 has not been featured at the WWDC 2012, however, the smartphone has been expected to release later this year for a long time. It now seems that with the iOS 6 launch on the horizon that the iPhone 5 release date will follow in the fall.