iPhone 5 Revamped and Codenamed in Apple’s Internal Systems as '5,1'

A device that is most likely the next generation iPhone was recently spotted in Apple’s internal systems under the codename iPhone “5,1”.

According to technology website 9to5Mac, a new iPad under the codename iPad “2,4” and the next generation Apple TV model under "J33" in Apple’s internal systems.

The website reports that if the model had been listed as “4,x,” it would not have undergone any serious changes.

The “x” would represent some minor external changes, but nothing new on the inside with processing power.

However, with the listing of the iPhone “5,1,” it can be concluded that Apple has a new iPhone in the works that is completely different from the iPhone 4/4S model.

Those two devices seem to be listed under “4,1” and “4,2”.

The original iPhone was listed under “1,1” and the 3G version under “1,2.”

The change in name represented minor changes to the 3G model, including the addition of 3G connectivity and a GPS.

The jump from “4,2” to “5,1” represents major internal changes including the next generation iPhone packing a more powerful processor, according to 9to5Mac.

This processor is most likely the rumored quad-core A6 chipset.

Other rumors on the iPhone 5 include a 4-inch display; in order for the device to better compete with Android smartphones that feature larger screens, and special aluminum casing.

The current iPhone 4S is encased in glass that makes for a glossy polished appearance.

It is possible that Apple fans could see the next iPhone this upcoming summer. Another launch date for the device could be next October.

9to5Mac said with the “5,1” appearing in Apple’s system this early, there is a good chance that the new iPhone could launch soon.