iPhone 5 Rumors Hint That Device Could Eliminate Home Button (Concept)

Plenty of designers have already taken to their Macbooks in order to create a beautiful concept for the next-generation iPhone and these sketches tend to start rumors.

The latest in these rumors is that the new iPhone could eliminate the traditional home button that is included on all other generations of Apple’s smartphones starting with the original.

This rumor originates from a concept created by AppAdvice and it does not differentiate much from the iPhone 4. The main difference is the round home button at the bottom is missing being replaced by two other home buttons placed on the sides of the smartphone.

These two home buttons would work as one if they both are pressed at the same time, according to the concept. They would also work separately making the original button’s function available by the using pressing either side with their thumb or finger.

The side buttons also allow for quickly switching between apps, going back and forward, paging through an e-book, and many other functions. The main advantage of this is the fact that it would allow the owner to perform various tasks without having to touch the display.

The iPhone’s microphone has also been relocated to the front of the phone in order to allow space for a larger display.

This concept also receives a significant upgrade in the area of picture taking as its camera will be 10-megapixels as opposed to the iPhone 4S that is just 8-megapixels.

The display also happened to grow on this design for the iPhone 5 making it 4-inches. The next iPhone is rumored to have a larger screen in order to compete with Android devices so this could actually be a real feature on the iPhone 5.