iPhone 5 T-Mobile Release Date to be September 25, Claims Sales Rep

T-Mobile will be the first network to make the iPhone 5 available on September 25, according to a customer support rep for the company.

Tech guru Robert Scoble posted a comment on social networking site Google+ which states that one of his friends spoke to a rep at T-Mobile who informed him that it would be the first company to make the device available to customers on September 25.

The rep also reported that the company has been training its employees for the smartphone’s launch for weeks.

The posting reads, “T-Mobile getting ready for iPhone 5? A friend of mine was just on the phone with one of the customer support reps and he got him to tell him what’s up (very strange, I know but T-Mobile employees might not know that’s a no-no). The rep said that the company will be the first to get iPhone 5, coming September 25, and that they have been in training for weeks for this. Anyone else hear this?”

This rumor does not agree with much of what is already out there concerning the release date of the iPhone 5.

Most of the recent information points to an early-mid-October release for the device.

The employee may have been informing the person on the date that pre-orders would begin for the next generation iPhone.

Unfortunately, none of this information has been confirmed by T-Mobile or Apple.

In fact, T-Mobile's sales department told The Christian Post that these are all still rumors.

Apple has not given any insight into a new iPhone.

The company has not announced that it will even be putting a new version of the smartphone out.

But rumors seem to say otherwise.

The T-Mobile sales rep could also be talking about the iPhone 4 which is supposed to be released on Sprint’s network also.

It has also been rumored that Sprint will be the first company to make the iPhone 5 available.

But both of these rumors seem unlikely to actually be true.