iPhone 5 Tear-Drop Shape Scrapped, Replaced with Larger Screen in 2012?

Information recently leaked regards the next generation iPhone and iPad.

According to blog website iLounge, the self-proclaimed most reliable source within the Apple realm, major changes will be made to the iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro in 2012.

The third generation iPad is expected to sport a slightly thicker body, 0.7-mm more to be exact, that will allow the device to include a new twin light bar system required for a higher resolution display, according to the website.

It also revealed that the new tablet should drop sometime in March and could be unveiled as early as January. The website said the next generation iPhone will not sport a tear drop shape, despite the rumors that surfaced in 2011 regarding the look on the new device.

The new iPhone will include a 4-inch display, will be 8 mm longer than before, and will have a metal casing that will be made of aluminum. It should launch sometime in the summer of 2012 and is still in the engineering phase, not early production.

The website attributes poor battery life as what doomed the prior prototype version, and that this one will be designed with the LTE battery drain in mind.

Apple also plans to redesign the MacBook Pro in 2012, and regarding the laptop, iLounge said to “think thinner.”

The iPhone 5 was originally expected to launch in 2011, but was pushed back due do production issues. The company also experienced issues with integrating Siri team and code into iOS. This delayed the company moving on to the fifth-generation iPhone.

Apple’s decision to launch the iPhone 4S this year disappointed some, but Apple fans still went to see the best iPhone launch of all time.