iPhone 5 to Feature Thinner Front and Rear Cameras and 4.1-inch Display

A recent report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo point to the new iPhone having thinner and improved front and rear cameras.

Kuo stated that the rear camera on the iPhone will remain at 8-megapixels, but its aperture will be increased from f/2.4 to f/2.2 in order to reduce camera module height by nearly 0.5 mm.

"A number of components have required a slim-down," said Kuo in his report. "The component that will undergo the most dramatic make-over is the rear camera. Our research shows that iPhone 5 will feature the first-ever slimmed rear camera of all iPhones, in an effort to deliver an ultra-slim iPhone 5."

KGI's data also reveals some other specifications for the upcoming iPhone including the display that will measure 4.08-inches.

The length of the device will be 90.3mm while the width will be 50.9mm. The device will have a resolution of 1,136 x 640 with 320ppi, according to KGI.

Panel suppliers for the new iPhone include TMD, LG and Sharp.

The reports also point out that the front-facing camera on the handset will be 720p capable which means users will be able to use FaceTime in high-definition. The front camera is expected to be moved from the left side of the earpiece to the center making the iPhone's design more similar to the 4th generation iPod Touch.

Kuo points out that by moving the front camera to above the earpiece, users will be able to create more centered images, which will improve their experience with the next-generation iPhone.

Kuo has been a reliable source in the past, and normally attains his information from sources within Apple's supply chain to piece together the company's product plans.

Apple is expected to launch the sixth-generation iPhone in Oct.