iPhone 5C New Photos and Video Leaked (PHOTO, VIDEO)

We still don't know if the next generation Apple iPhone will be named the iPhone 5C, but new photos of the rumored cheap iPhone continue to appear. This time a number of high-quality pictures have been found on the Sonny Dickson website.

The site has posted a large gallery of the bottom of the case, which appears to be a white, plastic iPhone. The pictures show only a piece of the device with no internals.

(Photo: http://www.sonnydickson.com/)iPhone 5C?

A video also shows off the apparent budget iPhone 5C, and it seems to match with photos and reports leaked about the device.

(Photo: http://www.sonnydickson.com/)iPhone 5C?

Previously, an image from Chinese iPhone site WeiPhone had spread across the Internet, showing a box full of iPhone 5C plastic shells.

The rectangular-shaped cases in the leaked image is assumed to be the box in which the new iPhone 5C will come housed in. On the side of the cases are the words "iPhone 5C," leading many to believe that this will be the name of the budget iPhone.

The iPhone 5C, as it has been dubbed, is rumored to be made from cheaper materials such as plastic instead of the usual glass and aluminum.

Speculation is that the "C" stands for "color," as the phone is expected to be available in a variety of colors.

The device is also expected to be available in multiple colors and to resemble the iPhone 5.

Apple's iPhone 5C is expected to launch as a mid-range handset better aimed at the prepaid markets, like China.