iPhone 5S, 5C Release Date Event Live Stream: How to Watch Online Apple Event 2013 (VIDEO, FEATURE, SPECS RUMORS, PHOTOS)

Apple is preparing for its special event today, where the keynote speech is touted to unveil not one, but two new iPhone models, called iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C (with the 5S being a high-end upgrade of the iPhone 5, and the 5C being a low-end budget offering version).

(Photo: Robert Galbraith / Reuters)Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about iTunes at Apple headquarters in Cupertino

Tuesday's iPhone event begins at 1 p.m. EST (10 a.m.PST), and thousands are searching for an online live stream to watch the Apple event unfold. There are potentially a number of ways to live stream Apple's iPhone event: If Apple decides to host an embeddable live stream option, we will host the live stream directly on this page; however, this is rare, and if one is not made available by Apple themselves then there are three other main ways to live stream the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C event.

If you are on a computer, Apple should be broadcasting the event on its Safari browser, and users will just need to make sure they are running OS X 10.6 or later.

For mobile users, Apple is also rumored to be live streaming the iPhone 5S and 5C event via Safari on iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod Touch, on any device running iOS 4.2 or later.

Apple has also restored its "Apple Events" app on Apple TV, and those who have a second- or third-generation Apple TV will be able to watch the iPhone event there.

It has also been reported that Apple will post Tuesday's presentation in full directly on its website later in the day, which is tradition for the company.

Apple's iPhone 5S, 5C Event: What to Expect?

Though Tuesday's Apple event will largely focus on the iPhone, Apple is also expected to reintroduce its iOS 7, the mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Most are also expecting some software announcements regarding iWork and iLife, its productivity software suites dedicated to work and play.

1. iOS 7 and free iLife and iWork

Introduced at the WWDC 2013 in June, the iOS 7 is the first redesign of the company's mobile operating system since the introduction of the original iPhone in 2007.

The new iOS 7 completely revamped the classic icons, colors, style and textures of iOS to make it feel simpler as well as more sophisticated.

The new operating system also added dozens of important features and tools to make the new iOS more productive. Among the new iOS 7 features are the helpful Control Center that provides quick access to important settings; the built-in parallax that shifts the background image in response to one's movements; a new way to multitask apps; the AirDrop feature for sharing photos or documents with other iPhone users in the area; and many others.

In addition, iWork and iLife are expected to be unveiled at the event. Code discovered within the iOS 7 beta 3 suggests Apple will release all its iWork and iLife apps for free.

2. iPhone 5S

Everyone is expecting Apple to introduce the successor to last year's iPhone 5, with most settled that the name will be the iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 5S will look identical to the iPhone 5, except for a pill-shaped dual-LED flash, which will replace the circular flash from the iPhone 5, according to rumors.

It will feature the same 4-inch Retina display and chamfered diamond-cut edges, as well as some new innards.

Also expected are a new A7 processor, a slightly modified battery for greater life, a new camera system for slow-motion video photography, and a fingerprint sensor presumably to let users authenticate ownership and user passwords by simply holding their thumbs on the iPhone's signature home button.

The iPhone 5S is expected to release in three storage capacities, 32 GB up to 128 GB, and feature at least one new color – gold.

3. iPhone 5C

Most are also expecting Apple to announce a completely new iPhone called the iPhone 5C. Rumors say that it will feature all the same inner specs and features as the iPhone 5 -- a 4-inch Retina display at 326 ppi, an A6 chip, a FaceTime HD camera and an 8-megapixel rear side camera -- but will come encased in a colorful, polycarbonate shell.

Reports claim there will be five colors, including yellow, blue, green, rose and white.

Many originally predicted Apple would release the iPhone 5C at the same price as the iPhone 4, which is currently being sold for $0 with a two-year contract in the U.S.

However, some rumors have indicated the iPhone 5 will be eliminated from the iPhone lineup entirely, which could mean the iPhone 5S price is $199, the iPhone 5C cost is $99, and keep the iPhone 4S at its $0 on-contract price as its last remaining iPhone with a 3.5-inch screen.

Here is a link to the Apple Events website - click here.

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