iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C Leaked Photos: What Will You See at Apple's Keynote 2013? (VIDEO)

iPhone 5S

Models and colors

Picture: Sonny DicksoniPhone 5S Graphite Model

Picture: ASCII.JPiPhone 5S High Quality Champagne Color Photo

Picture: iMoreA picture of the gold or champagne model of the iPhone 5S/6

Picture: MacBouticiPhone 5S/6 in Gold
Image courtesy iCultureA picture of what could be the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6
(Photo: iphone5parts.net)Leaked photo of the alleged iPhone 5S model


Picture: CTechLeaked iPhone 5S Packaging

Rear Shell

Picture: MacRumorsiPhone 5S Rear Shell Comparison
Image courtesy of MacRumorsiPhone 5S Rear Shell
Picture: MacRumorsiPhone 5s Rear Shell

Flex Cable

Picture: MacRumorsiPhone 5S Flex Cable Comparison. Includes fingerprint sensor features.


(Photo: http://sjbbs.zol.com.cn/)iPhone 5S


Picture:NowhereelseBatteries that could either be for the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6

Logic board

Picture: MoumantaiiPhone 5S Logic Board

Sim Tray

Picture: BGRiPhone 5S Sim Tray
Picture: MoumantaiiPhone 5S Nano-SIM Tray


Picture: BGRiPhone 5S Vibrator

Front Camera

Image courtesy of iLab FactoryImage of component that could be for the iPhone 5S


Image courtesy of Nowhereelse.friPhone 5s, iPhone 6 Speaker Enclosure 1

Image courtesy of Nowhereelse.friPhone 5, iPhone 6 Speaker Enclosure 2

iPhone 5 C

Model and Colors

Picture: Amazon.comA picture of cases made for the iPhone 5C
(Photo: http://www.sonnydickson.com/)iPhone 5C?
(Photo: http://www.sonnydickson.com/)iPhone 5C?
Picture: MacRumorsiPhone 5s Rear Shell
(Photo: WeiPhone.com)iPhone 5C Colors


(Photo: Weiphone)Leaked photo shows packaging for the new iPhone that may be labeled iPhone 5c.
Picture: iApp.imiPhone 5C Inside its Packaging

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