iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 Low-Cost Model Spotted, New Pictures Surface in Possible Hoax (PHOTOS)

A pair of leaked photos labeled to be a possible cheaper plastic model of an iPhone with a lightning cable plugged in were released and are now thought to be a hoax.

The photos originally turned up on Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site, and are now making their rounds around the Internet. They pictures garnered much interest from Apple fans, who were excited at the glossy-coated curved-shelled phone portrayed in the pictures that in some places was called the iPhone 6.


MacRumors believes the pictures are likely a photo of an iPhone 5 in a plastic hard shell because there was "no discernible" Apple logo and the Lightning cable appeared to be inserted into a recessed opening rather than a flat surface.

NowhereElse.fr felt the pictures were misleading so they did a little photo enhancing to see the fine details of the picture.

In the exposure and contrast enhanced photo, the bottom of the iPhone becomes more clear and it is fairly evident there's a plastic case around the phone.

However, the iPhone 6 "plastic" maybe a thing of truth, with Tactus releasing a photo of a white iPhone model that purportedly uses old chip materials to make it low cost.

"It looks like it features an all uniform plastic polycarbonate shell -- very different to the iPhone 5′s sleek aluminum look, but still modern and covetable," Tactus said in a blog post. "It's also interesting to see that the plastic shell measures in at 0.4-0.6mm thick, but the actual phone might be around 9mm thick, 120mm in height and around 62-65mm in width, which means it's likely both taller and wider than the iPhone 4/4s!"

They continued, "It's also rumoured it will have a 3.5 inch retina screen, much like the 4S, but not as big as the iPhone 5 -- a few more pennies saved with that compromise!"

IBTimes reports the iPhone 6 is said to be a combination of the iPhone 5, iPod Touch, and the iPod Classic.

It is believed the new iPhone may surface in October.