iPhone 5S Vs. Galaxy Note 3: Spec and Feature Comparison

Apple's iPhone 5S has finally arrived, and with that comes the comparisons to many of today's hottest smartphones.

We've already looked at the specs on the iPhone 5S and matched them up against what is found on Samsung's Galaxy S4 and now it's time to compare it to the Korean company's latest device, the Galaxy Note 3.



The iPhone 5S comes with the same 4-inch Retina display as the iPhone 5, so not many changes have been made here. The Note 3 impresses by following in the footsteps of the successful Galaxy S4; however, the phablet packs a bigger punch in terms of size with its 5.7-inch screen. The Note's screen also has an impressive 1080x1920 resolution. For those who enjoy watching movies and tv shows on their device, the Note is definitely a better choice.


Apple introduced the world to the first ever 64-bit smartphone with the iPhone 5S which means the device is capable at performing many tasks quickly without totally killing the battery. The device also comes with the new A7 chip that is capable of achieving amazing speeds. The Galaxy Note 3 basically stuck to the basics and comes with a quad-core chip that definitely gets the job done efficiently, but might not be as smooth as Apple's device in this department.

Motion Features

The Galaxy Note 3 comes with the same types of sensors that are found on the Galaxy S4 that allows it to have features such a Smart Pause and Smart Scroll. These additions can be useful and have proven to work well on some levels. Apple took a different route by installing an M7 motion sensor chip on the new iPhone that can detect the action of the user whether they are running, sitting or walking and will activate fitness apps based on this. Both devices have made good additions to their hardware so this category would come down to a matter of preference.


Samsung finally made some adjustments to the design of its devices by using a new type of plastic on the Galaxy Note 3's backing that gives it a look that resembles leather. Critics are pleased with the company's decision to make a change. Apple stuck to the classy design it used on the iPhone 5 with the unibody metal chassis and fully glass front panel. It's a gorgeous phone and still outclasses Samsung's in many ways.

S Pen/Fingerprint Sensor

Apple decided to install a highly advanced fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S. This makes for great security as no one but the owner will be able to access the device. However, Apple fans have criticized the component for its lack of other functions. They feel the company could have done more with it. The Galaxy Note 3 packs the same great S Pen that was found in the two previous models. However, this time around it has a bit more functionality as a new menu has been added when a user presses it down on the screen to access some of the most commonly used apps for the accessory. The fingerprint sensor is definitely impressive, but the S Pen has a lot more functionality.


Both the Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5S are impressive handsets. This is yet another battle that comes down to a matter of preference. Both have improved greatly on what they already had, and also added a few new features along the way. However, neither of them are different enough from their predecessor to really force Apple and Samsung fans to go out and buy them.