iPhone 6 and 5S Component Images Leaked

Images that are believed to be speaker enclosures for the upcoming iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 leaked onto the internet this week.

The images were published by Nowhereeles.fr which has a history of putting up pictures such as these.

There is no way to officially confirm that these components belong to the upcoming Apple smartphones, however, the site has published a number of accurate photos in the past.

Nowhereelse.fr normally obtains its leaked images from web postings in Asia so that makes it a difficult to confirm them for the Apple devices.

One of the images features the speaker enclosures for both devices and has the iPhone 5 part super imposed in order to make a comparison showing that these two new components are quite different from the predecessor's.

The two new speaker enclosures are very similar in appearance, but do contain some differences.

Apple's next generation smartphone, which could either be the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 is expected to launch in the summer and will feature "touch on display" technology.

These "touch on display" panels are being developed by an Apple supplier known as Innolux and are currently in the testing phase.

There is not much information available on these panels at this time, but Apple appears to be looking into the technology due to issues with the display on the iPhone 5.

The touch screen on the iPhone 5 has problems with the recognition of rapid diagonal sweeping, and Apple hopes this new technology will correct this issue on future iPhone models.

The China Times also confirmed that Apple is looking to make the power switch with its next iteration of the iPhone.

The iPhone 5S is also rumored to come in more than just two colors at launch.

The device is expected to be released with as many as 6-8 color options, according to Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White. He also stated that the handset might be available in multiple screen sizes.