iPhone 6 and iPad 5th Generation to Feature Thinner Lower Powered IGZO Displays

Apple is currently evaluating the option of using IGZO displays for its next generation iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone models.

This news was released by DigiTimes earlier this week and reveals that Apple is now in talks with Sharp over IGZO panel production capacity estimates for 2013 and also has been inquiring about AU Optronics L5C line producing the technology.

This is not the first time Apple has been linked with Sharp's IGZO displays, however, the two still have not put out a product that uses it. Production delays could be the main reason why consumers have not seen an iPad or iPhone with an IGZO.

Qualcomm also embraced the possibility of IGZO becoming the standard as it invested in Sharp to advance the technology which the company hopes will be its saving grace.

IGZO stands out for its ability to produce a quality picture with low power consumption. It also features improved touch sensitivity and increased pixel density.

It is able to save power by not having to constantly refresh its transistors while having a still image on the screen. It also leads to less interference from the screen's electronics so the touch panel becomes more accurate and sensitive.

Glass edges on devices using IGZO will be able to be much slimmer. This will allow electronics manufacturers to create smartphones and tablets that are even more compact than what is already available in the market.

If done correctly, IGZO panels could give Apple a huge advantage over its competition by having more efficient touchscreen devices available in the market.

The IGZO displays could end up on the next generation iPad, iPhone, iPod and iPad Mini models if the companies are able to perfect it soon enough.