iPhone 6 Bigger Screen, iPad Mini 2 Retina, 12.9-Inch iPad 5 All Coming Next Year?

Apple will release an iPhone 6 with a bigger screen, an iPad mini 2 with retina, and a iPad 5 with a 12.9-inch screen sometime next year.

The company will also begin integrating OLED displays into its products including the upcoming iWatch and will diversify its iPad lines by creating entry-level and premium models depending on the display size, according to this recent report from Korea's ETNews.

The publication stated that the retina iPad mini should drop next year. It also says that the new iPhone could feature a display that is larger than 5 inches.

The company will lessen its reliance on Japan display for its touch screens and will shift component production to LG and Samsung.

Many of these claims made by ETNews have been seen before in previous rumors and reports.

A larger iPhone is expected to drop next year by various analysts as components for this device even surfaced earlier this year. Many Apple fans originally thought these larger screens would appear on the iPhone 5S, but that turned out to be incorrect information. The closer Apple got to unveiling the device, experts began to doubt a bigger iPhone and leaned more towards the company releasing an enhanced version of the iPhone 5.

The iPad mini with retina was originally expected to launch sometime before the end of this year. Various reports including one published by Reuters earlier this week confirmed that Apple will have a hard time producing this model so releasing it next year will be the more sensible option.

The 12.9-inch iPad has also been reported in the past, but probably was the least touched on out of all these devices. Apple could be launching a tablet at this size in order to diversify its iPad line and better compete with notebooks.