iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S Low-Cost Plastic Model Surfaces in New Video

The iPhone 6/5S low-cost plastic model made an appearance in a new video which surfaced on the internet over the weekend. Parts for a smartphone that could either be for a new low-cost iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, depending on which name Apple decides to use, were displayed.

A website known as Techdy claims to have the front and rear parts for the lower-cost iPhone and displays them in a new video. It shows how the device would look when it is fully assembled.

The front of the smartphone featured in the video will come with a front black panel with a white plastic backing. This front part will be featured on all colored variations which will also include blue, pink, yellow, white and green models.

"The budget iPhone will be made substantially from plastic (we can feel it's actually polycarbonate material). It will have a 4-inch screen like the iPhone 5, and interestingly, the budget iPhone actually has a shape that's similar to Apple's original iPod," wrote the site.

"When we hold the budget iPhone in our hands, the plastic chassis does not feel cheap at all. Unlike the plastic build quality of the Samsung Galaxy phones, the plastic material used on the budget iPhone feels more sturdy," the site added.

The rear shell features pinholes where the power and volume buttons and SIM card slot should be. This could mean that the leaked shell did not have those holes punched out yet at the time the site attained this model.

Techdy posted up over 40 photos showcasing what this device will look like at different angles. The site displays side-by-side comparisons with an iPhone 5 and closeup views of the individual rear shell and display parts.

Apple is expected to release a low-cost version of the iPhone along with a new updated successor to the iPhone 5 later this year.