iPhone 6 & iPhone 5S (or iPhone Lite) Release Date Likely to Be September, Reports Suggest (PHOTOS)

iPhone lovers are eagerly waiting to find out what Apple products will be released later this year, as rumors continue to circulate about when the California-based tech giant will release its next generation smartphone or phones.

Some believe the next device will be the iPhone 6 as the obvious successor to the iPhone 5. However, others have suggested that Apple will release a similar upgrade they made with the iPhone 4S, and come out with a new so-called budget phone, which is being touted as the iPhone 5S or iPhone Lite.

Either way the most fierce rumors are suggesting that the latest Apple smartphone will be released sometime in September, although as usual nothing has been confirmed by Apple at this time.

Image courtesy iCultureA picture of what could be the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

CNET recently reported on the iPhone Lite, suggesting that it could be Apple's budget version in the United States to enter the low-end smartphone market and compete with dozens of Android phones that currently dominate in that specialty.

The version could have features similar to those expected in the high-end iPhone 6, but with a design made of plastic material as opposed to the iPhone's usual metal design.

(Photo: Weibo via Apple Insider)A new image of the supposed `iPhone Lite` has emerged claiming to show Apple's low-cost plastic iPhone in the wild, bearing the required legal notices from the FCC and other agencies.

According to CNET, the iPhone Lite would be priced for the lower end of the market, with a price of about $99 with a contract. Both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone Lite could be released as early as September, the publication has suggested.

However, Tech Radar has suggested the iPhone 6 will indeed be released in September, but will be released together with the iPhone 5S instead of the Lite.

Picture:TechdyiPhone 5S/6 Plastic Version

Other reports claim the exact release date for the new phones will be Sept. 27 for the iPhone 6 and Sept. 20 for the iPhone 5S.

As for the specs, the iPhone 5S is expected to come with a 4.3 inches screen size, dual core processor and an 8 MP back camera.

The iPhone Lite is rumored to have a 4-inch Display, 5 MP Camera, HP 5Dual core Processor, 1GB RAM and 4G LTE.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 is speculated to come with a 4.7 to 5 inch screen, be powered by A7 quad core chip, Near Field Communication, 13MP back camera and longer battery life.