iPhone 6 Release Date Leaked, Two New Models to Debut

The iPhone 6 release date was leaked by sources close to Apple's supply chain.

The handset will launch sometime in Sept., according to a recent report from AppleInsider.

Apple is expected to launch two new iterations of the iPhone. The Wall Street Journal claims that Apple will not continue the plastic-shelled body for the iPhone 5c and will launch two new models with metal outer cases that are similar to the iPhone 5s.

"Both new models are expected to feature metal casings similar to what is used on the current iPhone 5s, with Apple expected to scrap the plastic exterior used in the iPhone 5C," read the report.

The report states that Apple could release a phablet type that is larger than 5-inches in screen size and a step-down model that is larger than 4.5-inches diagonally.

"Facing competition from rivals offering smartphones with bigger screens, Apple Inc. plans larger displays on a pair of iPhones due for release this year, people familiar with the situation said," read the report.

Apple will not be using curved displays contrary to some of the recent rumors. The iPhone 5c's direction will be changed a bit due to weaker than expected demand for the handset. The iPhone 5s happened to fare well for Apple so the company will focus on higher-end products the next go round.

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launched in the fall of last year. The iPhone 5s was the first 64-bit smartphone to hit the market and also brought Touch ID fingerprint sensor technology along with it. The iPhone 5c features similar specs to the iPhone 5 and comes with a cheaper plastic outer casing. The device was designed to appeal to emerging markets as a more affordable option.