iPhone 6 Release Date Rumored for Fall as New Information Emerges

The iPhone 6 release date is scheduled for fall, according to the latest rumors.

Apple's sapphire supplier for its plant in Mesa Ariz., GT Advance Technologies Inc., claimed that it will return to profitability towards the end of this year which could be a result of a fall iPhone 6 release.

"Our results for the December quarter were in line with our guidance, and the anticipated growth trajectory of our business remains unchanged," said Tom Gutierrez, president and CEO at GT Advance Technologies. "We expect to return to profitability during the second half of 2014."

The reason they expect this is because sales and mass production of the iPhone 6 in the fall will bring them much-needed revenue. The two companies partnered up and built a manufacturing plant in Arizona which will most likely be used to supply Apple with sapphire for iPhone 6 displays.

GT could also be referring to the iWatch which is also expected to launch sometime later this year. However, a fall iPhone launch is not that far-fetched considering the last three iPhones were released during that time of year.

Older iPhone 6 rumors point to the device using new quantum dots to drastically improve the display quality.

A recent report from Business Insider states that these dots, which are nanocrystals made out of semiconductors, will be used to bring something different technology to the smartphone market. They have a weird effect on screens as the dots can be tuned to emit very specific frequencies of light which means colors can be reproduced more accurately than with traditional materials.

Apple filed a patent for the technology earlier this year. Amazon used quantum dots for the Kindle Fire HDX tablets. Some of the issues with the technology include a narrow color gamut and a distinct light-bleed issue. Apple's patent reveals similar issues but states that R&D is currently working to address them.