iPhone 6 Release Date Rumored to Be on September 27, iPhone 5S September 20 (PHOTOS)

Debate over the iPhone 6 release date continues with Apple fans desperate for news on the next generation smartphone.

Many smartphone analysts have made their guess about when the eagerly expected next generation iPhone will be released. Here are some of the latest rumors of the iPhone 6 release date.

iPhone 6 in August

According to Stableytimes, a so-called fire sale at Wal-Mart on the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S for just $129 and $39 respectively, is causing speculation that the iPhone 6 will be out by the end of August.

Walmart seems to expect the iPhone 6 to be arriving sometime next month, and so is offering major deals on the older iPhone devices.

In other news, developers testing the iOS 7 have confirmed that it's close enough to being launchable. They say Apple is informing retailers to expect the iPhone 6 introduction within weeks and the iPhone 6 release date within a month.

iPhone 6 on Friday, September 27

The iPhone 6 could come on September 27, according to some analysts' math. They observed that the iOS 6 release date came exactly 100 days after its unveiling in 2011.

If Apple uses the same formula the iOS 7 is expected to be released on September 18. Experts believe such an important software update will come with some hardware to go with it.

They expect Apple to release the iPhone 5S, just two days after the release date for the iOS 7, on Friday September 20. And in order to prevent major crowds and lines at its retail stores, the iPhone 6 would come a week later, on Friday, September 27.

iPhone 5S in September, iPhone 6 in March

Other reports have suggested the iPhone 5S will be out in September with a possible 4.3 inche screen size, and the iPhone 6 in March next year with a 4.7 to 5 inch screen.

This is despite rumors that the 5S will come with a delay in order to increase the screen size to 4.3 inches and to include a fingerprint sensor. Some analysts believe the iPhone 5S launch date will be in December.

As for the iPhone 6, it won't be ready until 2014, according to some experts. They say Apple and its partners will not be able to make an earlier date if they want to launch the new device with a bigger screen.