iPhone 6 Release Date Set for August, Apple to Launch Only One of 2 Larger Models

Many of the recent iPhone 6 rumors point to Apple launching two larger-sized smartphones this year, however that may not be the case.

UBS analyst Steve Milunovich stated in a research note that Apple is definitely working on two different models, but isn't sure that both will be released in 2014.

"An iPhone 6 is most likely to come in August or September, rather than June, in two different models, one with a 4.7-inch screen, one with a 5.5-inch screen," read Barron's relaying of the research note. "He thinks the former, the smaller of the two, 'seems certain,' but that the 5.5-inch model may or may not launch at the same time and could be of the same resolution, which would help app developers."

He also stated that the release date for the next iPhone will be in August or September, however, the 5.5-inch version probably will not be the one to launch.

He claims that the 5.5-inch model will have the same resolution as the 4.7-inch model.

The iPhone 6 specs could include components that allow for Ray-Tracing capabilities.

Imagination Technologies, a graphics partner of Apple's announced a new version of its PowerVR graphics architecture that includes these features that offer more realistic lighting and shadows. This new GPU is being called the Wizard.

"For the better part of the last eight years, we have been busy developing unique hardware and software technologies to radically lower the cost and dramatically increase the efficiency of ray tracing," wrote Imagination.

The Wizard GPU family represents its progress as it features a range of IP processors that offer high-performance ray tracing, graphics and compute in a power envelope that's suitable for mobile embedded use cases.