iPhone 6 Release Date Set for June, Prototype Appears in New Pictures

The iPhone 6 release date could fall in June 2014, according to a new report.

LEDinside recently revealed that Apple will use different LED backlights in its future products and also stated that the company plans to have the next-gen iPhone out by June. This contradicts many of the other recent rumors which state that Apple will release the device in the fall, keeping in step with the launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5.

Pictures of what is said to be an iPhone 6 prototype also surfaced on the internet earlier this week. An anonymous Twitter user shared these images with MacRumors and Australian writer Sonny Dickson confirmed to the site that they originated in China.

These images are believed to be fake by many MacRumor readers due to repeating textures, wrong font and copied texture. They display a device with a clear/white rear shell and a screen with barely any side bezels. The display is noticeably bigger than it was on the iPhone 5s and the classic Apple home button is still present.

The iPhone 6 is expected to cut down in other areas as the device is  rumored to feature an exterior design with no bezels. These pictures confirm this news if they happen to be authentic.

The Korea Herald reported earlier this month that Apple is currently working on an iPhone with a bezel-free display and a fingerprint sensor. Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S5 will feature a similar design with a more standard fingerprint sensor rather than the display-wide scanner or iris scanner that had been previously rumored for the handset.

Bloomberg reported back in November that the iPhone 6 was planned to feature a larger display with glass curves downward on the edges. This basically hinted at a screen with no bezels.