iPhone 6 Rumors: Apple to Release 2 Versions With Larger Displays

The latest iPhone 6 rumors point to Apple releasing two new iPhones this year with larger displays.

One version will measure in at 4.7-inches while the other will probably be around 5.6-inches, according to a report from Taiwan's Economic Daily News. It also reveals that Apple will use sapphire glass on the larger of the two and will continue to use Corning Gorilla Glass for the smaller model.

The report claims that Apple will not name the 5.6-inch model an iPhone and will treat it more as an experimental product. This seems unlikely considering the company's track record for differentiating iPhones from one another without having to adjust the name.

The iPhone 6 release date could fall in June 2014, according to a new report.

LEDinside recently revealed that Apple will use different LED backlights in its future products and also stated that the company plans to have the next-gen iPhone out by June. This contradicts many of the other recent rumors, which state that Apple will release the device in the fall, keeping in step with the launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5.

Most sources feel that Apple will not change its fall release schedule for the iPhone that has been in place since the launch of the 4S in 2011. The company could end up making some adjustments if it is planning to introduce a completely new product, but that doesn't have to effect its normal roll out time for its flagship handset.

The iPhone 6 is rumored to feature iOS 8, and new bezel-less exterior design, a more advanced version of the fingerprint sensor found on the 5s, and the company's new A8 chip that is currently being designed by Samsung. The new handset will compete with the Galaxy S5 and all new HTC One.