iPhone 6 Rumors: New Video Proves Champagne Shell is for Next-Gen Model

Some of the iPhone 6 rumors seem to be more valid as a new video has been released showing that the iPhone 5 parts do not fit into the purported next-gen iPhone champagne colored rear shell.

The video was released by TLD and it basically shows an iPhone 5 teardown followed by an unsuccessful attempt at fitting the current model's components into the champagne colored rear shell for the next-gen version that recently leaked.

He finds that the iPhone 5S or 6 rear shell features repositioned logic board screws and a larger flash cutout to accommodate a dual-LED flash on the camera. TLD also discovers that Apple has left more room for a battery in the new shell as the amount of space available for the logic board has been decreased for that specific purpose.

The iPhone 6 or 5S could be unveiled on the same day as the iPad 5th generation model and the iPad Mini 2.

The new iPhones are expected to be unveiled at a Sept. 10 media event and a new Bloomberg report states that the company will also use this event to introduce its new line of tablets.

The Sept. 10 unveiling event planned for the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S or 6 was originally reported by AllThingsD earlier this month. Various other sources have also confirmed this date for when Apple will introduce its new products.

Bloomberg mentions in its recent report that the new iPads are expected to debut at the event; however, nothing has been confirmed by Apple at this time. This is also the rumored release date for iOS 7.

Apple will begin rolling out the new software on that date, according to an email sent by the company Nuance that specializes in powering Siri's speech recognition capabilities.