iPhone 6 Rumors: Release Date Set for 2014?

The iPhone 5S is not even out yet and iPhone 6 rumors already are surfacing.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek reported this week that he has already discovered several prototype models of the device in Apple's supply chain.

The 8th generation iPhone will pack a bigger display and a complete redesign, eliminating some of the handset's more traditional features.

"Several iPhone 6 prototypes appear to be floating around. The model with a 4.8-inch screen is the most interesting. It has a Retina+IGZO screen, a new A7 quad-core processor variant, and a new form factor with no home button. Full gesture control is also possibly included," said Misek.

The 4.8-inch screen would match Apple's smartphone up perfectly in terms of display size with its greatest rival, the Samsung Galaxy S3. However, these are just prototypes, which means Apple could change their minds about the design at any time.

Misek also reported on the next generation iPhone, stating that he believes it will launch in June or July of next year and that it will come with an HD camera , longer lasting battery, and NFC (near-field-communications). It is also expected to come with larger memory capacities including a 128GB version and be sold in six to eight colors.

Misek has had mixed track record in the past, so all of this news should be taken with a grain of salt. His early claims of the iPhone 4S happened to be accurate, while other topics, such as a thinner IGZO-based iPad for the third-generation model, he was wrong about.

He also predicted that Apple would launch a Netflix competitor, but that also never came to fruition.

The iPhone 5S rumors have been surfacing a lot lately and it is safe to say that Apple will probably not release a completely redesigned iPhone until 2014, following its usual launch pattern.